The Last Summer of the Death Warriors by Francisco X Stork

last summerThis is not the typical book that I would promote because you fellas are (usually) all about the action, the adventure and let’s face it, the killing.

But oh, this is so thoughtful, so funny and so touching, I cannot go past telling you about it. I raved about Marcelo in the Real World briefly as one of my Xmas holiday reads, so was glad to hear his new one was due out this year.


So, I read this one 11 books ago, so details are hazy. Goodreads has a great summary. And people reveiwing it. But I know you want to mine. Basically, I loved it.

The main character is Pancho. He wants revenge for what he is sure is the murder (and rape?) of his mentally disabled sister. He sets out to discover the identity of the fiend but in the process meets D. Q. who forces him to re-evaluate his life and what is important to him.

This is not a fast-paced book. It is thoughtful, gentle and quite funny. There is a boxing sub plot that might appeal to the more action-oriented of you, but it is only a minor part, and don’t expect there to be fights the whole way through.

The philosophy of this book is so similar to what we as Franciscans believe. I urge you to read it.

The Glass Demon by Helen Grant

glassdemonSeriously, I read this about 12 books ago. If I don’t write about it straight away, it’s almost a certainty I won’t ever.

But I am going to try.

First off, I know this has a girl on the cover.  And there’s clearly some pretty glitter. But don’t let this put you off. It is scary.

Helen Grant is able to create a very atmospheric novel, mostly by setting it in the middle of an ancient forest. Our main character is living in what seems like medieval circumstances. There is no cell phone coverage, no TV, no shops or malls. The family is surrounded by old growth, and sometimes it feels like the trees are watching.

I especially like the way the reader is drawn into this world thinking there will be a supernatural prescence. We are sure Satan’s warriors will come out of the woodwork and surround us (then eat us naturally)…

But Grant does better than that. So you better read it. I have spoiled it enough already.